About Me

Hi Zoo Fam!

I’m Krystal, the weirdo behind this blog! Getting to know people and making friends as an adult is really difficult (like really difficult and awkward), and living a little over 1500 miles away from friends and family doesn’t help. I think living away from where I grew up has given me the opportunity to express myself through my written word because a lot of the time I am in my own head and the only way to express certain things is through writing. As you read more of my blog, I hope you will get a better understanding of why I am the way that I am.

Starting this blog is the scariest most risky thing I have ever done. Actually, that is a lie. Leaving my home state to pursue school, starting my life on my own terms, and starting this blog are the scariest things I have ever done so far. I had a blog that I started years ago, but I decided to go back to school full-time to get my bachelors degree and took a hiatus from blogging and writing.

I currently live in Kansas City, Missouri with my partner in this thing called life. We love to travel, find new coffee shops, have lazy days at home, and find new places to get our grub on. One of our favorite things to eat is Ramen. Like legit Ramen…even though packaged Ramen is pretty damn good too. We have a dog child named Juno who we love very much!

I am originally from The Golden State.

“Why on earth would you leave California and move to the Midwest?” is a question I get asked a lot. I will explain the reason I no longer live in California in a future blog post, but for the most part, I left because I needed to figure out my life and I am so happy I moved because my life has been nothing but amazing. 

I love musicals! My absolute favorite movie and musical of all time is Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. I think it is considered more of a musical fantasy, but it is still my favorite.


My favorite holiday is Halloween, but it is pretty much tied with Christmas. I love Halloween so much that I wish I was born on October 31st. I think I love the holidays so much because it makes me feel like I did when I was a kid. There is a certain feeling that overcomes me at certain times of the year and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Oh, those are just feelings? 

I get inspiration from watching movies, listening to music, people watching, thinking to myself when trying to fall asleep, and I even find inspiration in my dreams. Does anyone else have crazy real-like dreams?

I have a passion for writing, but most of the time what I want to say doesn’t want to come out of my brain. In fact, it has taken me years to finally get the courage to create “Take Me Back to the Zoo” because it is an incredibly personal journey to write about and it not only affects me, but my family and friends too.

My interests are pretty eclectic so while the writing in this blog is personal, the content will not always be 100% about the experiences I had being born to teenage parents. I will liven it up with fun stories and memories among various other topics. Also, I do not teach grammar, so don’t get cray when I mess something up!

This blog is not about an actual zoo or going back to a specific zoo. To read why my blog is titled “Take Me Back to the Zoo”, please visit my very first blog post HERE.

Opening up to strangers about personal life experiences is very difficult and through this blog I will take you through the journey that has become my life and the journey that I continue to live. Long story short (as my grandfather would say) is that I was born to two teenage parents who did a kick ass job raising me, but because they were teenagers, they needed a lot of help, which exposed me to a lot of people. Also, since they were kids themselves, we all grew up together.

Fun Fact: While writing this “About Me” page, I was listening to the Spice Girls in a coffee shop. All I wanted to do was sing out loud and dance. But that would have been weird.

Fun Fact #2: I am oober random and can be awko taco sometimes.


Krystal Renee